Smart Brantford Ambassador Announced!

Smart Brantford Ambassador Announced!

Local business owner, Nancy Tomkins has jumped on board to help Brantford meet the needs of tomorrow. “The world around us is quickly changing. We need to move with these changes. I have owned and operated a business in Brantford for over 26 years and have had to adapt to many changes to stay current with the technology. To succeed, we must embrace change. Our city is no different; we must become a City of Choice, one where residents want to live, businesses want to invest and people want to visit.” says Nancy Tomkins, Ambassador for the Smart Brantford initiative.

Smart Brantford is a shift in the way we live, work, do business, educate and work together to grow our economy, our people and our environment to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

Smart Brantford is an initiative that is developed by the community for the community. Smart Brantford is led by a volunteer-based group responsible for creating awareness and encouraging the community to get involved. It’s a growing partnership of government, community organizations, businesses and citizens, working together for the benefit of everyone. “It is key that everyone be involved as the cost of not becoming a smart city could have a significant impact on Brantford in terms of available jobs and our ability to compete and attract investment, residents and business that support our tax structure. Most importantly, we will be left behind while cities around us become the communities of choice.” says Charlene Nicholson, CEO of the Brantford Brant Chamber of Commerce.

Brantford is well underway to becoming a smart city. The municipality, local businesses, organizations and post-secondary schools have implemented processes or services already, and are looking to improve or expand them within the community.

Are you in? How can you get involved? Find out more information, participate, get involved, and network. Share stories on how you or others you know of are helping Brantford become a smart city. Take part in a subcommittee, become a community leader, share your ideas and thoughts. Everyone is encouraged to take part in this journey, to help in creating a smart city, Smart Brantford. Visit or call 519-759-4150 extension 2213.

For further information, please contact:

Robin Matthews-Osmond
519-759-4150 ext. 2213