BrantJobs and the Labour Market

BrantJobs and the Labour Market

The labour market is made up of employers, employees, and job seekers. This market is continually changing and responding to different economic forces. For communities like Brantford, smart services are important to understand and support the labour market. BrantJobs is one such service. It has become an online local resource that helps employers and job seekers succeed even during market changes. It also provides customized, large-scale recruitment services for employers. Since 2000, BrantJobs has linked organizations that are hiring with individuals who are looking for work. It is an online job bank, a source of information, a recruitment service, and a market research tool.

Getting Smarter About Jobs

From October 2013 to September 2014, BrantJobs posted 4,704 paid positions. A total of 1,012 employers used its services. It attracted an average of 28,737 unique visitors every month. These numbers tell a unique story about the labour market in Brantford. But they are just the beginning. BrantJobs captures and calculates many more statistics that provide a vital snapshot of this part of the community. Wage information is just one example. All of this data aids in understanding the health of Brantford’s economy. With it, the community can get smarter about jobs and make better decisions about the labour market.

Building Connections

The BrantJobs service is unique among municipalities in Ontario. It has become a lively online space that brings job seekers and employers together. More and more people are moving online to take their next career step. More and more businesses are relying on web technologies to grow their workforces with qualified candidates. BrantJobs uses online technologies, social media, and data analysis to bridge these gaps. By building such connections, BrantJobs is helping build a smart city.

Simple, Accessible, and Free

The BrantJobs website is very easy to use. Hundreds of new jobs are posted each month and that makes it simple for job seekers to find something that fits. New jobs can be accessed almost anywhere using a smartphone or a computer through Twitter, Facebook, and BrantJobs posts more local jobs than any other service. It is free to both job seekers and employers.

Putting BrantJobs to Work

As a municipal service, it is part of the City’s commitment to support the growth of a smarter and healthier community. BrantJobs links smart people in a smart economy. Visit to see how BrantJobs can help you.