Hankinson House Provides High Touch and High Tech

Hankinson House Provides High Touch and High Tech

Where most medical facilities are either high touch or high tech, Hankinson House now provides both!

We are proud to feature the Stedman Community Hospice new Hankinson House as one of many local Smart Brantford facilities that is using technology to enhance the lives of those whom they feel privileged to serve.

What is a Hospice?

A hospice is a home for patients with terminal illnesses where active treatment is withdrawn in favour of providing comfort and dignity at the end-of-life. Comfort extends beyond managing physical pain to include social, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects of care. Other hospice programs include day wellness activities, bereavement support and community outreach where a doctor and allied team is sent directly to patients’ homes to provide the care they need right at their bedside. And the best part is, that due to local fundraising efforts, no patient or family is ever provided with a bill for any hospice services!

Features of the New Hospice

The new hospice offers 10 spacious, private bedrooms to provide 24-hour care for anyone diagnosed with 3 months or less to live, complete with ensuite bathrooms and pull-out couches to accommodate overnight family members, private spaces for families, designated children’s play areas and covered outdoor porches leading to the beautiful gardens. Another unique feature is a rent-free apartment for medical students pursuing specific training in hospice palliative care with the hope that they will open their offices in Brantford upon graduation.

Technological Enhancements          

Free WiFi is available throughout the hospice and Skype technology has been set up in each of the 10 patient rooms so family and friends can now “visit” their loved one at any time. Now they can communicate more frequently as distance, bad weather or travel costs will no longer be an issue. During virtual visits participants can show photographs and schoolwork, or take a smartphone or tablet to a wedding or party, and make the patient feel part of an event or gathering. This leading edge technology will help to provide the patients and families with a sense of peace and comfort by allowing them, regardless of location, to be close during their hospice journey.

Community Open Houses

Before we transfer our patients to the new hospice, we are proud to offer everyone a rare opportunity to tour our community’s newest treasure. Open house tours will be held October 6, 8, 10, 14, 15 and 17, twice daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 pm.

For more information or to donate to support the Stedman Community Hospice contact us at 519-751-7096, x2475 or give online at www.sjlc.ca.